Ok we been open a year now I guess I better ‘splain myself –

Time to control my own destiny, I been a picker and an artist and a writer since I was a teenager, a perfect example of how life happens without a plan, never dreamed I’d wind up in Alabama, born in Minnesota, teenage years in Southern Calif in the 60’s, 70’s west coast, Hawaii till mid 80’s (where we formed the original Electric Rangers) …. Nashville, Vancouver, Bellingham … Austin early 90’s, east Texas to Auburn 1996, married at the Courthouse in Opelika, been here ever since. Played with lotsa folks some famous, most not - but toured with Freddy Fender, Jack Green, Ace Cannon, performed with Junior Brown, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, The Lost Gonzo Band, Little Jimmie Dickens, Loretta Lynn and Tennesee Ernie Ford. Locally with The Twang Thang, Honkytonk Amnesia, Slim Pickens, Pretty Beat Up, The Soul Champs, The Killbillies, TV appearances in Magnum PI and on The Nashville Network, 3 productions of “Always Patsy” at Appalachicola’s Dixie Theatre,  drummer in the orchestra for Auburn University’s production of “Little Shop Of Horrors”, artwork featured on the streets from Bellingham, Wash  to Austin, Texas to here …

Turning 65, - the road and the clubs and the late nights were getting old … time to reinvent myself, celebrating 20 years in Alabama and as my art is truly “outside” it was time to run it up the flagpole see if anyone salutes, see if all that dimestore philosophy is true, do what you love, bloom where you’re planted, follow your bliss, so here it is Uncle Roy’s Art Gallery & Music Lanai –

Paper mache’, acrylics on canvas, colorful abstracts, yard art … because the world needs more whimsy plus a live original music venue, an Americana, honky tonk, roots music juke joint!

… music is what brung me to the dance, I got to see Elvis, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Hendrix, The Band, Muddy Waters, Pigpen w/the Dead, Lowell w/Little Feat, The Stones with Mick Taylor, Rod with The Faces all play live, back when it all seemed so important … well I’m too old and orn’ry to throw my hands up and give in, I still think it’s important, So I keep writing songs , The Electric Rangers plays them with honesty and  style  - “LIVE” … so not a big online presence, you actually have to show up, no virtual tour, not trying to get to Nashville or L.A.  just want to display my art, play some authentic honest music with sincere players and let the chips fall where they may, this is an organic, work in progress, I’m open to ideas etc. I’m available for commission work, the band is for hire, a donation if you can, but above all … enjoy yourself every!  Keepin’ Auburn funky!

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