The Uncle Roy Show

by Uncle Roy Schultz

Released 2000
Leona Records
Released 2000
Leona Records
The first recording of the now legendary Uncle Roy. Featuring Jonas Schultz on Tenor Sax and Keyboards. An eclectic mix of drinkin', cheatin', killin', truck drivin' love songs by a grizzled veteran of lifes highway.
... started writing in the cab of a semi, rollin cross country, haulin' bed bugs down lifes hiways and byways, or pickin' in Honolulu in the 70's, the Pacific Northwest in the 80's, Texas in the 90's, now Auburn, Alabama and the Redneck Riviera.
"it's been a long road got lots of tall tales" ... "come on and do the twang thang, down the hillbilly highway on the underbelly side, of the honky tonk edge of town" ... "…
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