As the new school year begins so does a new chapter in the ongoing quest for musical enjoyment, a new beginning, a new group ... HONKYTONK AMNESIA, hardcore country and hillbilly boogie. Country Kenny Brown on pedal steel guitar, a young picker with an old soul, makes those country classics come to life, ready to enlighten todays audience with a taste of history with a nod to the future. The Las Cruces Kid, Jonas Schultz on keyboards and sax, Willie Austin from Pt. Blank, Texas on guitar and me on drums, everybody a sangin', a young band with an old engine, after those years pickin' with Little Jimmie Dickens, Freddy Fender, Jack Green, Jr. Brown, Tennesee Ernie Ford, Melba Montgomery and Loretta Lynn I feel I'm back in Hillbilly Heaven, playin the real stuff. Come on down to our first show at The Independent In Auburn on Wed. August 26!

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