Seriously tho, my musical sidekick, The Las Cruces Kid, Tennessee Joe, MC Shang Tsung, the one and only, direct from Hollywood ... Jonas Schultz will be performing with me throughout the fall and winter on Tenor Sax, Vocals keyboards, etc, Come check out the show. In other news Miss Rebecah Boynton performed a killer set with Uncle Roy & Jonas at their Oct. 2 show at Roosters in Auburn. Lead singer and chanteuse from the late great local rock & roll band Pretty Beat Up, Miss Boynton wowed the crowd, proving she just keeps getting better and better. She performed her signature song "Angel From Montgomery" plus classics from Patsy Cline to Janis Joplin to Bessie Smith. The crowd loved her... Stay tuned for further developments,don't forget to check out the October shows on St George Island. PEACE

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