As the new school season gets under way, the roar of the pigskin, the smell of the crowd, ah fall approaches. You can feel it ... yeah right. The CD tentativelely titled "Mucho Gusto" should be out by mid fall. Got the Good Doctor Horns, even a didgeredoo. Its crazy, hope ya'll like it. Alas the tour begins at the brand new Event Center Downtown. 614 N. Railroad Ave. Opelika's newest/hippest locale. Wanna give a shout out to Chris & Lisa Beck for a Sat. Aug. 21 date at their new venue, this will be the kick off of the fall tour. Playing solo, troubadour style, guitar, voice and harmonica. Gots lots of new tunes to share with ya'll and as usual if I get lucky, 3 out of 5 Good Doctors, or even Country Kenny Brown may stop by and pick a bit. Playing on the edge, goin' where the crowd needs to go, sort of serendipitous spontanaeity. Got a brand new custom Taylor guitar, special thanks to Lance and Mark and all the good folks at The Guitar Shoppe. A batch of new harps. Some fresh tunes. Let the games begin. Time to share my eccentric /eclectic repertoire honed thru 50 years of research, each one with a story. I'll try and only tell the more interesting ones, come out to a show see if I'm lying. WAR EAGLE! Solo is simplicity, simplicity is freedom, freedom is power. "Power to the people, right on!"

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