The new CD has arrived - 11 songs, 6 recorded at Uncle Roy's Art Gallery & Live Music Lanai with Jamie Uertz at the controls, and 5 songs recorded at The Radar Room @ The Guitar Shoppe with Wade Allen engineering the whole shebang, featuring Jonas Schultz on keys, tenor sax and vocals. The all new Electric Rangers play as a full acoustic trio, a full on power trio with drums or usually somewhere in the middle. Uncle Roy on guitar, harmonica and vocals while playing the bass drum and tamborine, Andrew D.on banjo, pedal steel, Telecaster, lap steel or dobro and vocals with Randy McDaniel on upright bass, electric bass and vocals. Its a sight to behold with a unique, full sound! Call it country, blues, or rock & roll we call it Electric Rangers music. Available thru CD Baby and I tunes and thru this website!

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