The new CD is here! The new CD MUCHO GUSTO by Uncle Roy and THE UNCLE ROY SHOW featuring JONAS SCHULTZ on saxophones. keyboards and vocals plus other members of THE GOOD DOCTOR; CHRIS DEASON on trumpet and former GOOD DOCTOR , AUSTIN GRAY on guitars and vocals, country KENNY BROWN on pedal steel, master chef and bassist GALEN HAGERTY, with UNCLE ROY on drums, percusiion, harmonica, guitar, mandolin and vocals. Engineered by JAMIE UERTZ. Release date October 30, 2011. The third CD by THE UNCLE ROY SHOW. “MUCHO GUSTO” with the title track a combination ode to Costa Rica and to celebrate a 10 year anniversary. Monkeys in love and sloths are pretty cool. A NEW DAY “the movement is gonna need a soundtrack” plus another killer sax solo on top of a horn section that rocks. AFTER NASHVILLE “ every country pilgrim has to make a trip to Mecca (Nashville)” THE STRAND 1974 written in Oceanside, California living in a $85 apartment on the beach. “the good old days?” CLOUDY DAYS another melancholy beach song from the same period. WICHITA a true tale in the truck driving saga that was my life till my early 20’s. The names have been changed to protect my life. HERE I AM the beginning of the journey from the underbelly of the beast. From my “George & Tammy” period in the early 80’s in Hawaii, anyone remember JULIE & THE ELECTRIC RANGERS? I’LL TAKE YOU THERE some Staple Singers influence. Saw them at The Fillmore, lotsa hippies got religion that night. Mavis walked among us. HAPPY ‘NOTHER MOTHERS BIRTHDAY one for the missus, sometimes it’s the same day. Forget it at your own peril. LONG DISTANCE another one inspired by the missus during what some would call a “stormy courtship”. A PIRATES DREAM inspired by Jim Frost proprietor of Eddie Teach’s Raw Bar at St. George Island, Fl. STICK A LIME IN IT a summer song. Hope you enjoy it, its been a labor of love, getting to work and play with my son and being accepted by the younger community and all the cool musicians here in Auburn, Alabama. I turn 60 with a positive feeling about our youth and the positive vibes that music still provides, Lets make it matter, the movement really does need a soundtrack. Lets build it up, any chowder head can be a cynic. Lets all make a joyful noise!

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