Hey Ya’ll Happy New Year! Had a good one last year, My son Jonas just graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston and is on his way to LA to seek his fame and fortune with his ska band Jonny Vs. The Ninjas. My travels included Seattle, St Louis and Costa Rica while the missus went from San Diego to China to D.C. to Costa Rica to North Carolina. Busy but productive year. Working on a spring tour of Costa Rica as well as a West Coast trip plus I need to hook up with my Hawaiian connection Andy Lau Lau to add that pedal steel guitar, dobro and banjo to my new recording. Hope to keep him here for a series of shows as well. Spring will soon be here and a show of my paintings is in the works as well. Check back and hold my feet to the fire to keep ya’ll better informed as to the progress of The Uncle Roy Show etc. Last year I had the pleasure of working with the good folks at Eddie Teach’s Raw Bar on St. George Island. Hopefully I’ll be working on the island again this year but plan to broaden my scope to include the rest of the “forgotten coast”. Also on my to do list is get more computer and internet savvy, may even figure out this website stuff . I’ve been rehearsing with the Uncle Roy Singers for the new season soon upon us. As the calendar fills and the bookings roll in I’ll keep you posted on dates and events. Still a solo act (whatsup with the singers? come to a show and witness the phenomenon) I also perform a as a duo or trio or full band when the venue and budget allows. Rehearsing tunes for a new CD of my usual original eclectic mix of roots rock, latin soul jazz and alternative country folk blues of which I perform in my shows, I also perform a batch of covers with the “singers” adding another texture. It’s wild! Come check out the show in 2008 and hope ya’ll have a happy new year! PS Get informed and VOTE! For booking info contact uncleroy@bellsouth.net or 334 821-3392

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