Bonnie Buckingham, Sunday morning streaming live 92.3 FM The Eagle, Livingston, Tx. 10:30 till 12 noon. Live corndog east Texas, after church radio. Bonnie played bass and sang in The Ramblin' Rose Band. Now performs as a solo act in the E. Texas/Houston area. She trades snappy banter with JR on the porch and plays and sings like a bird. Last Saturday she performed 2 of my songs, "live" her and her harmonica and 12 string. What a surprise, how cool is that? That ol' band in Texas, with Bonnie and her brother Don Daley was a joy in my life, they were drummerless one night, said from the stage "any drummers out there?'" Sure enough I set up and played with them for 2 years. Just like the movies, well B movies anyway. Hey check her out and give her a shout. Also wanna thank the good folks at Hudsons Barn in Manchester, Georgia for invitin' me to play. had a great time thanks for your hospitality. See ya in May. Plus The new CD is inching closer to reality, ya gotta believe! Our hearts go out to the tornado victims. peace

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