The new CD has arrived - 11 songs, 6 recorded at Uncle Roy's Art Gallery & Live Music Lanai with Jamie Uertz at the controls, and 5 songs recorded at The Radar Room @ The Guitar Shoppe with Wade Allen engineering the whole shebang, featuring Jonas Schultz on keys, tenor sax and vocals. The all new Electric Rangers play as a full acoustic trio, a full on power trio with drums or usually somewhere in the middle. Uncle Roy on guitar, harmonica and vocals while playing the bass drum and tamborine, Andrew D.on banjo, pedal steel, Telecaster, lap steel or dobro and vocals with Randy McDaniel on upright bass, electric bass and vocals. Its a sight to behold with a unique, full sound! Call it country, blues, or rock & roll we call it Electric Rangers music. Available thru CD Baby and I tunes and thru this website!
Aloha and War Eagle! Andrew D and Uncle Roy have a new part time partner. When not appearing in The Good Doctor, Frogboy Willy, The Bridgewalkers or Blunt Eastwood, Jonas Schultz will be playing that hillbilly piano with THE ELECTRIC RANGERS every 1st and 2nd Monday of each month at AMERICAN MONDAYS at STIR, auburn. He'll be sangin' some good ol' country music as well as his classic repertoire of roots rock & roll all done "Ranger style". With Uncle Roy back on the drums, Andrew on the steel expect some high energy honky tonk. Texas, Bakersfield, Nawrl'ns ... time to dance! WAR EAGLE!
So who are these guys? First performed together as The Electric Rangers in Hawaii in 1980. Performing at civilian and military clubs throughout the islands. They recorded 1 LP and 2 Singles on Lehua Records. Toured the Orient & Asia on their own and again as Freddy Fender’s road band. They performed with Tennessee Ernie Ford, Little Jimmie Dickens, and Loretta Lynn and toured with both Jack Greene and Ace Cannon when they toured the islands. Now back together after all these years, their love of the classics and their commitment to honkytonk music make them and integral link from back in the day to the now, bypassing todays’ Nashville sound with their original take on what constitutes country music. From the paniolo country of Hawaii to Canada’s Alaska Hi-way and the Yukon, the wilds of western Washington to Austin, Texas performing in such exotic locales as Korea, Guam, The Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Brazil, Mexico , Costa Rica and Loachapoka, Alabama. Still crazy after all these years, back together, playing that hardcore classic country that brung ‘em to the dance. … drinkin’, cheatin’, killin’, truck drivin’ love songs from the hillbilly hi way to the underbelly side of the honky tonk edge of town!
With the arrival of Andrew D. to Auburn last year from Hawaii we soon realized we need to crank it back up, dust off my drums and with Andrew's Pedal Steel and Telecaster and with Jonas Schultz on Keys and Davis Little on Guitar, rekindle that hard country hillbilly boogie we know and love. Waylon, Merle, Bob Wills,Willie, Faron Young, also The Band, and southern funk of Little Feat. Good old cheatin, drinkin, killin' love songs ... Dance Hall Country! Waltzes, Rhumbas, 2 Steps, Western Swing, Boogie Woogie! Now appearing every Wed. at FISHIZZLES in Auburn 6 till 10!
The Uncle Roy Show featuring Hawaiian dobro/steel guitar sensation Andrew D. is now booking for spring & summer. You can hear the new CD “Mucho Gusto” at Roy & Andrew performed in The Electric Rangers in Hawaii in the 80’s where they performed with Freddy Fender, Ace Cannon and Jack Green, as well as Hawaiian superstar Bla Pahinui . As a duo they rekindled the flame that kicked things off when they began picking together 30 years ago. Performing with Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Telecaster, and Banjo plus vocals these 2 old pros are having a ball , you will too!
The new CD is here! The new CD MUCHO GUSTO by Uncle Roy and THE UNCLE ROY SHOW featuring JONAS SCHULTZ on saxophones. keyboards and vocals plus other members of THE GOOD DOCTOR; CHRIS DEASON on trumpet and former GOOD DOCTOR , AUSTIN GRAY on guitars and vocals, country KENNY BROWN on pedal steel, master chef and bassist GALEN HAGERTY, with UNCLE ROY on drums, percusiion, harmonica, guitar, mandolin and vocals. Engineered by JAMIE UERTZ. Release date October 30, 2011. The third CD by THE UNCLE ROY SHOW. “MUCHO GUSTO” with the title track a combination ode to Costa Rica and to celebrate a 10 year anniversary. Monkeys in love and sloths are pretty cool. A NEW DAY “the movement is gonna need a soundtrack” plus another killer sax solo on top of a horn section that rocks. AFTER NASHVILLE “ every country pilgrim has to make a trip to Mecca (Nashville)” THE STRAND 1974 written in Oceanside, California living in a $85 apartment on the beach. “the good old days?” CLOUDY DAYS another melancholy beach song from the same period. WICHITA a true tale in the truck driving saga that was my life till my early 20’s. The names have been changed to protect my life. HERE I AM the beginning of the journey from the underbelly of the beast. From my “George & Tammy” period in the early 80’s in Hawaii, anyone remember JULIE & THE ELECTRIC RANGERS? I’LL TAKE YOU THERE some Staple Singers influence. Saw them at The Fillmore, lotsa hippies got religion that night. Mavis walked among us. HAPPY ‘NOTHER MOTHERS BIRTHDAY one for the missus, sometimes it’s the same day. Forget it at your own peril. LONG DISTANCE another one inspired by the missus during what some would call a “stormy courtship”. A PIRATES DREAM inspired by Jim Frost proprietor of Eddie Teach’s Raw Bar at St. George Island, Fl. STICK A LIME IN IT a summer song. Hope you enjoy it, its been a labor of love, getting to work and play with my son and being accepted by the younger community and all the cool musicians here in Auburn, Alabama. I turn 60 with a positive feeling about our youth and the positive vibes that music still provides, Lets make it matter, the movement really does need a soundtrack. Lets build it up, any chowder head can be a cynic. Lets all make a joyful noise!
Bonnie Buckingham, Sunday morning streaming live 92.3 FM The Eagle, Livingston, Tx. 10:30 till 12 noon. Live corndog east Texas, after church radio. Bonnie played bass and sang in The Ramblin' Rose Band. Now performs as a solo act in the E. Texas/Houston area. She trades snappy banter with JR on the porch and plays and sings like a bird. Last Saturday she performed 2 of my songs, "live" her and her harmonica and 12 string. What a surprise, how cool is that? That ol' band in Texas, with Bonnie and her brother Don Daley was a joy in my life, they were drummerless one night, said from the stage "any drummers out there?'" Sure enough I set up and played with them for 2 years. Just like the movies, well B movies anyway. Hey check her out and give her a shout. Also wanna thank the good folks at Hudsons Barn in Manchester, Georgia for invitin' me to play. had a great time thanks for your hospitality. See ya in May. Plus The new CD is inching closer to reality, ya gotta believe! Our hearts go out to the tornado victims. peace
Gonna be at my old stomping grounds, Eddy Teach's Raw Bar for a 2 day stand. Sat the 19th and Sun the 20th of February. As "Roymania" approaches with the release of MUCHO GUSTO (the new CD featuring, sax, keys, trumpets, steel guitar, drums ... the whole shootin' match) I'll be promotin the CD with a series of live shows. Performing all the newest songs as well as selections from the past 2 CD's plus the eclectic mix collected thru the years. Support live music ... see ya at ET's. peace
War Eagle! To you and yours, happy 2011! Gonna be a great year. Wanna give a shout out to Kenny Heard and thanks for letting me bang on my drums to welcome in the new year at The Irish Bred Pub in Opelika. Had a great time, Jonas Schultz on keys and sax, J Lo on guitar, me on drums and Kenny on Keys ... way cool! This year I return to my roots and play 60's music. What? music from the 60'! you been playing that stuff forever you say ... no, I turn 60 in April, so I'll be playing 60's music at least till the end of the decade ... lord willing. Should be interesting to see where that goes. Hey gang, the new CD should be out this spring ... I know I said the same last year, this year I mean it. Now the dilemma, continue on my solo quest or seriously look for kindred spirits to help me make a real joyful noize. I'll be posting a "help wanted" notice with details soon! WAR EAGLE!
Wanna give a shout out to Lisa, Chris and Dale for being such gracioius hosts at the debut gig at Opelikas newest, coolest venue, The Event Center. Check out the upcoming shows. Hope this is the start of a long friendhip. Thanks again, see ya'll soon.
Thanks to the Good Doctor for letting this old timer have a ball. Got to play 3 straight nights with Auburn Alabamas hottest new band. Every drummer in town was envious I'm sure. Thanks fellas, rock on!
As the new school season gets under way, the roar of the pigskin, the smell of the crowd, ah fall approaches. You can feel it ... yeah right. The CD tentativelely titled "Mucho Gusto" should be out by mid fall. Got the Good Doctor Horns, even a didgeredoo. Its crazy, hope ya'll like it. Alas the tour begins at the brand new Event Center Downtown. 614 N. Railroad Ave. Opelika's newest/hippest locale. Wanna give a shout out to Chris & Lisa Beck for a Sat. Aug. 21 date at their new venue, this will be the kick off of the fall tour. Playing solo, troubadour style, guitar, voice and harmonica. Gots lots of new tunes to share with ya'll and as usual if I get lucky, 3 out of 5 Good Doctors, or even Country Kenny Brown may stop by and pick a bit. Playing on the edge, goin' where the crowd needs to go, sort of serendipitous spontanaeity. Got a brand new custom Taylor guitar, special thanks to Lance and Mark and all the good folks at The Guitar Shoppe. A batch of new harps. Some fresh tunes. Let the games begin. Time to share my eccentric /eclectic repertoire honed thru 50 years of research, each one with a story. I'll try and only tell the more interesting ones, come out to a show see if I'm lying. WAR EAGLE! Solo is simplicity, simplicity is freedom, freedom is power. "Power to the people, right on!"
This just in - Uncle Roy will be opening for The Good Doctor at The Independent this Thursday, July 22. Jonas and Austin from The Good Doctor plus Galen Hagerty on bass. Should be a blast!
Hey Kids, Happy summer, pickin' on St.George Island, no oil on the beaches ... yet. Playin' with Smokin' Joe Brown, award winning BBQ maestro, on bass and guitar, Mike "the static doctor" Sherlock on lead guitar and I'm playin drums and percussion pedals and guitar, mandolin and harmonica ... havin' a blast. Been playing the party circuit on the island, callin' ourselves "UNCLE SMOKY". more news .... The new CD is gettin closer, gonna have a horn section courtesy of The Good Doctor, pedal steel guitar, Fender Rhodes, B3, piano, guitars, mandolins, harmonicas on 12 original songs. Should be out when school starts but hope to release "Stick A Lime In It" before summers end, stay tuned, thanks ya'll and have a great summer!
Thanks to Tina & Kelly at The Gnus Room for the chance to play some new tunes. Also wanna thank my right hand man Jonas Schultz for the Tenor Sax and them good ol' Nascar Harmonies. See ya soon at the Southside Festival. peace
We're progressing on the new CD. 12 tracks, some country jazz, some rock & roll, some boogie, some ethnic, latin things, some hillbilly, a little reggae, a hard country tune, a cajun song about Kansas, some uplifting things, a drinking thing, a coupla love songs, some folk funk. Another easily pigeonholed production, call it Americana or Roy Music just don't call it late for supper. Ha! Saps rising!
A big shout out to Ms Davino's after school program and the kids and staff at Loachapoka Elementary School for welcoming Uncle Roy & Peaceman (Jonas Schultz) for an afternoon of music & mayhem. The students performed Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" Hank Williams' "Jambalaya" and the spiritual "Wade In The Water". We had a blast! Thanks! Lets do it again real soon.
Recording has begun for a new CD, featuring the boys from Honkytonk Amnesia, with musical director Jonas Schultz on keyboards, etc. and arrangements, the main man Jamie Uertz is ramrodding the whole shebang at that floating crap game of fidelity called Sarcophogus Studios, with a new location, and that cool Hematavoric vibe, we'll be keeping you updated on the progress, but the "games have begun" HAVE A GREAT SPRING 2010
That elusive state of mind, where we forget our troubles and let the music take us away to “those thrilling days of yesteryear’ or last week when we had our first broken heart. Ya’ll know that sad songs help bad times and when the boogie woogie hits we just gotta dance … so take a trip with us down that hillbilly highway to the honky tonk edge of town, where we visit with Faron Young, Webb Pierce, Vern Gosdin, Johnny Paycheck, Gary Stewart, Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash. We’ll hear original tunes with titles like “The Power of Positive Drinkin’ and “The Twang Thang” and “Is The Screwin’ That You’re Gettin’ Worth The Screwin’ That You’re Gettin’? With Country Kenny Brown on pedal steel guitar, the hottest young pedal steel player in the south, makin’ his bones playin’ with Chris Posey and Adam Hood. Uncle Roy Schultz on drums, a legend in his own mind, having played around the world with such folks as Freddy Fender, Jack Greene and Jr. Brown. Plus two young hot shots, Jonas Schultz on keyboards and “Willie Austin” Gray on guitar, these young “hillbilly cats” are a sign that the future of real country music is in good hands. A little old, a little new, a little borrowed, a little blue. A marriage made in “Hillbilly Heaven” My dream band, pedal steel, keyboards, good ol country harmonies, pickers who sincerely care to do it right. Gonna be recording in March, stay tuned.
As the new school year begins so does a new chapter in the ongoing quest for musical enjoyment, a new beginning, a new group ... HONKYTONK AMNESIA, hardcore country and hillbilly boogie. Country Kenny Brown on pedal steel guitar, a young picker with an old soul, makes those country classics come to life, ready to enlighten todays audience with a taste of history with a nod to the future. The Las Cruces Kid, Jonas Schultz on keyboards and sax, Willie Austin from Pt. Blank, Texas on guitar and me on drums, everybody a sangin', a young band with an old engine, after those years pickin' with Little Jimmie Dickens, Freddy Fender, Jack Green, Jr. Brown, Tennesee Ernie Ford, Melba Montgomery and Loretta Lynn I feel I'm back in Hillbilly Heaven, playin the real stuff. Come on down to our first show at The Independent In Auburn on Wed. August 26!
So the reunion was short lived and now my boy is fronting his own band, school chums from Berklee and they are smokin. Playin' jazz/funk/rock, callin themselves "The Good Doctor" ... be forewarned, they rock. Raising the bar here in Auburn. Now I'm back to my solo thing plus I been bangin' some drums here in Alabama, lookin' forward to some "Island Time' with my old pals at Eddie Teach's Raw Bar but also groovin' on the local Auburn scene. A shout out to Neal and Leslie at The Strutting Duck, Jaime at Roosters and all the good folks keepin us libated and happy. Thanks for lettin'be myself ... still. PEACE ...
Jonas is back in the saddle and sangin' them "NASCAR Harmonies" as well as his classic "Snakefarm" plus we're gonna be bringin' keyboards and percussion and mandolin and bass and all sorts of interesting things into the mix. Now booking for winter 08/09 let the holidays bring us positive changes and let Uncle Roy and Jonas help with the joyful noise. PEACE PS Jonas is accepting bookings as a solo keyboard artist plus will be accepting students on keyboards and saxophone.
Seriously tho, my musical sidekick, The Las Cruces Kid, Tennessee Joe, MC Shang Tsung, the one and only, direct from Hollywood ... Jonas Schultz will be performing with me throughout the fall and winter on Tenor Sax, Vocals keyboards, etc, Come check out the show. In other news Miss Rebecah Boynton performed a killer set with Uncle Roy & Jonas at their Oct. 2 show at Roosters in Auburn. Lead singer and chanteuse from the late great local rock & roll band Pretty Beat Up, Miss Boynton wowed the crowd, proving she just keeps getting better and better. She performed her signature song "Angel From Montgomery" plus classics from Patsy Cline to Janis Joplin to Bessie Smith. The crowd loved her... Stay tuned for further developments,don't forget to check out the October shows on St George Island. PEACE
Ah ... the smell of the pigskin the roar of the crowd, football and fall, let the season begin. Stay tuned for more info on the evolution of the Uncle Roy Show. Changes are in the wind, have a great school year! WAR EAGLE!
Aloha ya’ll, time to kick off the 2008 season with the return of an old favorite, “The Thursday Nite Open Mic” BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT! Come on down, sit in, tell a story, sing a song, do magic tricks, juggle, recite a poem … the world is your oyster, eat some at Eddie Teach’s, the funkiest ol’ watering hole in the land of the Seminole! CROSS THE SGI BRIDGE, 1ST LEFT, 3 BLOCKS TURN LEFT! EVERY THURSDAY, HAVE A SAFE SUMMER, PEACE!
The Auburn University Theater "Little Shop of Horrors" experience was a real treat, takes a lot of work and a lot of people to stage a major play, my deepest respect and thanks to all the actors and crew, mahalo ...but now on to spring and music in the sunshine and peace and love. sun and sand and surf etc. Come Support Live Music, you can find me on the "Forgotten Coast"!
Hey ya'll we survived opening night. There are performances thru April 19 at the Telfair Peet Theatre on the Auburn University Campus of the musical "The Little Shop of Horrors" I'll be playing drums and percussion in the orchestra. It's a blast, come on down.
Hey Ya’ll Happy New Year! Had a good one last year, My son Jonas just graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston and is on his way to LA to seek his fame and fortune with his ska band Jonny Vs. The Ninjas. My travels included Seattle, St Louis and Costa Rica while the missus went from San Diego to China to D.C. to Costa Rica to North Carolina. Busy but productive year. Working on a spring tour of Costa Rica as well as a West Coast trip plus I need to hook up with my Hawaiian connection Andy Lau Lau to add that pedal steel guitar, dobro and banjo to my new recording. Hope to keep him here for a series of shows as well. Spring will soon be here and a show of my paintings is in the works as well. Check back and hold my feet to the fire to keep ya’ll better informed as to the progress of The Uncle Roy Show etc. Last year I had the pleasure of working with the good folks at Eddie Teach’s Raw Bar on St. George Island. Hopefully I’ll be working on the island again this year but plan to broaden my scope to include the rest of the “forgotten coast”. Also on my to do list is get more computer and internet savvy, may even figure out this website stuff . I’ve been rehearsing with the Uncle Roy Singers for the new season soon upon us. As the calendar fills and the bookings roll in I’ll keep you posted on dates and events. Still a solo act (whatsup with the singers? come to a show and witness the phenomenon) I also perform a as a duo or trio or full band when the venue and budget allows. Rehearsing tunes for a new CD of my usual original eclectic mix of roots rock, latin soul jazz and alternative country folk blues of which I perform in my shows, I also perform a batch of covers with the “singers” adding another texture. It’s wild! Come check out the show in 2008 and hope ya’ll have a happy new year! PS Get informed and VOTE! For booking info contact or 334 821-3392
Well Labor Day has come and gone, it’s been a great summer. I would like to thank all the great folks at Eddie Teach’s Raw Bar on St. George Island especially the ever lovely Miss Vickie, Big Jim and James for their hospitality and support. I would also like to thank the coolest staff anywhere for putting up with me all summer long. I’ll be running the open mic at Eddie Teach’s on Sept. 20. We’ll have a sign up sheet and gonna get everyone up to play!! We’ll have drums, a PA, a bass rig and a guitar amp .Bring your “axe” , your sense of humor and the chainsaws you may want to juggle. I’ll also be playing the following Monday Sept 24 at ET’s. My next Island gigs will be the ET open mic Oct. 4 and performing with the legendary Island Jam Band on Sun. Oct. 7 for the 2nd Annual Oyster Spat Festival. Fall should be here soon, I can smell the pigskin, I’ll update you on my Auburn Schedule in the next installment … stay tuned, PEACE … oh and WAR EAGLE
Hey gang its spring and time for a new show!. Uncle Roy has been in rehearsals over the winter but with the new season upon us, the Gulf beckons, the bass drum is back for that "full band sound" and the "show" is bigger and better than ever. The southeast's funkiest one man band is making a stand on St George Island every Monday at EDDY TEACH'S RAW BAR. Roy will be joined by his favorite "guest star" tenor sax man, vocalist, Berklee College of Music Senior, Jonas Schultz May 12 thru June 4. Check this space for further news. Come to the island and have a great spring!
Aloha ya'll. Let the festivities begin. You can catch Jonas and I on St. George Island at The Sea Oats Galley's Annual Concert. The show held on the deck at the Gallery on E. Pine St on the Island is held on New Years Eve day or New Years Day every year (for the past 3 anyway) Its an afternoon show, the hours are a little flexible too, after all it is "the Island". Check with Jean at the Gallery for further information. More news to follow but for now "Mele Kalikimaka"!!!
Upcoming Highlights: The Auburn University Alumni Tent will feature The Twang Thang from 10:30 am till 1 pm Sept 23 before the Auburn Buffalo Game! The 1st Annual Oyster Spat Festival Oct 6 thru the 8th on Florida's St. George Island. Uncle Roy performs solo on Saturday and also with The Island Jam Band. Rumor has it that they also will perform at Saturdays parade. Fun for the whole family with activities for the kids on the beach courtesy of Auburn University's Health and Human Performances Dept. Costa Rica Calls! Stay tuned for details of the upcoming tour of Costa Rica Oct. 15 thru the 28th

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