THE UNCLE ROY SHOW The Uncle Roy Show is an eclectic mix of roots rock and roll, hardcore honkytonk and soul country rhythm & blues plus the samba and bossa nova of Brazil with ethnic folkloric styles of Mexico, The Caribbean, and Hawaii. As a self taught musician with too many styles to name, we’re calling it “folk music”. As the template for the folk boom of the 60’s were murder ballads, civil rights and work songs of the past … the new folk music is everything that’s happened since. Uncle Roy is folk music for the 21st Century with his own drinkin’, cheatin’, killin’, truck drivin’, love songs. On the road at 8 years old with long haul truck driving father, the truck stops and the jukebox was the savior, the holy grail … that old Mac was so loud you could barely yell over the racket, nobody even bothered with radios, way before CB’s and freeways, but the jukebox was alive with neon and chrome and the love affair was on. Moving from the ice and snow to the beaches of southern California with the promise of his own set of drums for helping in the move they arrived in Oceanside, Ca. in April of ’65, his 14th birthday … his lifes mission could now begin … he had his tools! Bouncing around the west coast in bands (and trucks) in the 70’s the road led from LA to Hawaii and a full time gig in Waikiki and a serious musical adventure began … His future wife joined the band on keyboards and vocals, got a record contract with Honolulu’s Lehua Records, recorded Front Burner Country with Julia & the Electric Rangers in Hawaii, toured Japan, Korea , The Philippines, Okinawa & Guam and Western U.S. to promote their album … toured Orient again with Freddy Fender. … performed and toured with The Opry’s Jack Greene and Little Jimmie Dickens, sax great Ace Cannon, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Junior Brown … appeared in a Magnum PI episode and recorded with Hawaiian artists Bla Pahinui and Warren Johnson. During the 80’s, toured Western Canada up the Alaska Hiway to Whitehorse in the Yukon to East Tennesee and Nashville … back to the Pacific Northwest … where Julia, wife and mother passed away with lymphoma cancer in 1989 after a 2 year battle at age 35. Widowed with a 2 year old son, the adventure really got interesting. Forgoing “day care” and “day jobs” he continued to lead their band Melody Ranch around the Northwest opening for Jimmie Dale Gilmore at the infamous 3B Tavern in Bellingham, Wa … watching neighbor kids during the day while neighbors watched son Jonas at night. Throwing caution to the wind they sold their little house in the Custer raspberry fields and moved to Austin, Tx.,in ’92 … playing the blues on Austin’s 6th St. and the honkytonks around town at night while being Mr. Mom by day … Hooked up with brother and sister act Ramblin Rose out of Houston … performed throughout East Texas. Moved to Auburn, Al. in ‘96 The Uncle Roy Show was born … realizing a pro drummer wasn’t really needed in this college town, tired of waiting for the phone to ring he reinvented himself as a one man band, with a bass drum and tambourine, cowbell, harmonica and guitar. Being a closet guitar picker for 30 years and as most drummers are frustrated front men, the transition wasn’t that difficult. After recording “The Uncle Roy Show Vol. I in 2000 “ he retired the bass drum doing a more standard singer songwriter thing. But keeping “the Show” flexible it can be anything from a solo to one man band to acoustic duo or trio or full band. Also as a “Show “the door is open for the jugglers and dancers and other surprises. Since arriving in Alabama he has recorded and toured with rock & roll band, Pretty Beat Up …appeared in 3 separate productions of “Always, Patsy” at The Dixie Theater in Apalachicola, Fl… toured Brazil twice, most recently with son Jonas on Tenor sax. And as a professional folk artist he has had two “One Man” Art Shows at Auburn University showcasing original folk art including paper mache sculptures, paintings and furniture. Uncle Roy was the drummer in the orchestra for the Auburn University Production of “The Little Shop Of Horrors” April 2008 He has also visited Costa Rica twice since ’06 expanding his world music repertoire Uncle Roy, proud to celebrate 40 years in showbiz with the release of “The Uncle Roy Show Vol. II”, in 2006 employing the trio “The Twang Thang”, with Roy on drums, guitar, and harmonica, Dave Swanger on Guitar and Derek DeLamar on Bass plus Jonas Schultz who is now a Berklee College of Music Graduate on Tenor Sax and Keyboards on 15 original songs. Now celebrating the release of his third CD "Mucho Gusto", working once again with Jamie Uertz at the controls at Sarcophagus Studios. This again features son Jonas on keyboards, horns and vocals plus Chris Deason on trumpet and Willie Austin Gray on guitars and vocals All players on leave from their main gig "the Good Doctor" a serious funk band, check 'em out. Also Country Kenny Brown, a young hot rod pedal steel guitar picker with an old soul and local sensation Galen Hagerty on bass. An exciting time in the evolution of the Uncle Roy Show. Using guerilla tactics in this new age seems to be the only way one can survive, full bands are expensive so the goal is to have a big sound with as few people as possible, without gadgets and electronics but with real instruments, warts and all. The Uncle Roy Show has proven to be an organic process rather than a destination, evolving as the songs take shape and the musicians come and go, a marathon not a sprint, the one constant is Uncle Roy, too ornery to quit but still a whole lot of fun!

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