Here’s the deal, I been playing music for 50 years, I learned it in truck stops, roadhouses and honky tonks all over the world. … I love the classics, I’ve played with the best … Freddy Fender, Jack Greene, Little Jimmie Dickens, Ace Cannon, Loretta Lynn, Junior Brown but as much as I love the music from “back in the day” I realize that Retro is a dead end and I’m on a mission, I play roots rock and roll, rhythm & blues and country then take it to the next level forward not back …I mix it all up with brazilian samba, bossa nova, folk music and ethnic rhythms… I hope I am making unique, interesting music without trying to reinvent the wheel … I want to make music that matters, make real music from my heart and soul or forget it … but like Charlie Parker who was a country fan said “its all about the stories”. My name is Uncle Roy and its been a long road and I got lots of tall tales … 

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